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Support us During the Month of September  - donate a $1.00 at Cost Cutters and in return they will take a $1.00 off your service!





We depend on our volunteers and donations from individuals and businesses to help us create a happy and therapeutic environment for the children in our community who are affected by medical conditions or are grief stricken by the loss of a parent or sibling.

Although we appreciate all of the support, donations and volunteers, we would especially like to encourage any companies, businesses or groups looking to give back to consider partnering with My Happy Place by sponsoring a local child/room project by pledging enough funds to complete an entire room project! Each room project costs approximately $1,000. Your group can simply raise the funds to sponsor the child/room or could also take an active role in participating in the redecorating project. For more information on becoming a Community Partner please contact us!

welcome to my happy place!

We are a community based, non-profit organization that focuses on the emotional well being and health of children in the Mason City, Iowa area who are under the age of 18 and are effected by illness, disease,or emotional distress.We provide a bedroom (or other space) makeover to give the child a happy and therapeutic place to recover.

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